Neurodiversity Coaching Services

I work with Neurodiverse people and families to provide support for them in their unique unfolding. My work is grounded in Organic Intelligence, neuroscience, developmental psychology, Non-Violent Communication, trauma safety, and senosry supportive and integrative techniques by occupational therapist Letha Marchetti.

In my work I will support clients in expanding their neural capacity to move through stressful situations with more ease. With understanding and compassion we will look at behaviors and feelings through different lens. Once we've identified underlying needs I will offer new ways to meet those needs which are supportive for the client, their social systems, and supports.

Service Offerings Include:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Workshops
  • Family Coaching & Support Packages
  • One on one Organic Intelligence (OI) Sessions
  • Facilitating Support Groups
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