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Welcome to Sensory School.  We are an independent elementary school that specializes in providing a sensory rich learning environment for children and families that are seeking a safe community, a scientifically developed pedagogy, and an individualized education.  Each child benefits from our neuro-supportive environment and a custom curriculum.   We approach learning with open minds, open hearts, and bare hands.

We foster a culture of radical inclusion and safety by insuring everyone involved is meaningfully contributing to our school and our children’s development.  This inclusiveness is taught in the classroom by example and through the words the teachers use.  We focus on solutions to how we can include each other.  Children need to feel wholly safe to learn, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We will do everything within our power to insure your child feels safe in our care, including requiring our families and children to commit to our Sensory School Code of Conduct.

We hold that the means of education should be based on facts not beliefs or tradition.  We have developed our pedagogy to be based upon current cognitive and neuroscience research, and are continually integrating new findings.  Children will benefit most from an education that supports them as human beings and endows them with the social and real world skills needed to flourish in our fast paced, hyper connected world.  Our philosophy is primarily influenced by Neuroscience, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf’, and Forest Schools to support children on their path to self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Sensory School provides an individualized learning environment where children will grow, learn, and play at a pace just right for them.  We do this by involving the children in plotting out their own learning plans.  Children are active participants in setting goals and achieving them.  They integrate their education by creating their own text books.

Our school is a nature based, multi-sensory environment where children spend most of their day outdoors in order to support self-regulation and healthy neurological development.  The curriculum is project based, and integrates nature, physical movement, and practical knowledge applicable in today’s society.  Weekly activities include mindfulness exercises, hand work, daily gross motor activities, cooking, coding without a computer, and more!  Come experience authentic and immersive learning at Sensory School.

Economically disadvantaged students make up 76 percent of the student body at elizabeth high school