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Amber Dawn's Backstory

Personalized Approach

As a neurodivergent child, Amber experienced other people's emotions more loudly than her own.  She thought deeply about complex topics in the areas of dance, nature, psychology, neuroscience, brain development, ethics, and philosophy. 

She has carried into her adult life a strong empathy for others and a deeply researched understanding of complex neurocognitive human systems.  The core values which permeate all of Amber's work are: compassion, safety and trust, resiliency, mutual respect, agency, and self-expression.


Amber works with neurodiverse adults, children, and families to support them in building and applying tools for resiliency, stress and anxiety reduction, self knowledge, compassion, and advocacy. 


Amber is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a certified Early Childhood Associate Teacher, and a certified Organic Intelligence Practitioner.  She identifies as a late self diagnosed Neurodivergent.  She received a firsthand lesson in Sensory Processing and Integration when her daughter was diagnosed at an early age with Sensory Processing Disorder.


Through the process of learning to better support her daughter and strengthen herself Amber discovered Organic Intelligence (OI), a protocol for building neurological resilience and expanding capacity to support healing and embodiment.  OI was developed by Steven Hoskins from the lineage of Chaos Theory, Cognitive-Neuroscience, and Somatic Experiencing


Starting with Amber's first creative movement class at age three, dance quickly became a powerful container and means of expression for emotions too large to hold.  Dance also provided soothing sensory input for Amber.

From creative movement forward, Amber danced across multiple stages and genres of dance.  She co-founded the first dance troupe at her high school.  After graduation, she became choreographer for a high school musical at a private high school in Kauai, HI.  On her dance and movement journey she has studied technique for years in: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Belly Dance, Waltz, Kung Fu, Feldenkrais, Salsa, Kizomba, West Coast Swing, Blues, Fusion, and Micro-Fusion.


Presently, Amber practices lead and follow roles in Fusion and Ballroom Partner Dance 15+ hours a week.  She's a mother to two girls, loves to cook, and is certified in Organic Intelligence (a somatic protocol for building resiliency and healing trauma).  Amber integrates her training in somatics and her experience in dance to connect with others through movement.  In her teaching, she delivers dance technique and creative experiences in a way that is fun and accessible.

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